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Hello, My name is Robert Kittridge and I am a Behavioral Alchemist.

What is that you ask? Well, in days of old, an alchemist was somebody that took ingredients, then separated out what he didn't need, to reveal the gold.

 For much of my life I suppressed my emotions, my intuition and my innate wisdom and knowing.

It was only after deep exploration and letting go of the conditioning that no longer served or was correct for me, that I discovered my Inner Truth. That inner truth guided me to effectively respond to life and make decisions that were correct for me.

During my journey to the present, I have held many jobs. The constant in all of them has been a passion for service.

For over 30 years I worked as firefighter. I also served as a Fire Inspector, Deputy State Fire Marshal and Fire Chief. Again the theme here was always service.

After retirement I went on to become an international leadership trainer and inspirational speaker.

In 2020, I discovered my true passion! I had spent so many years fighting wildfires to protect communities, and now I help individuals extinguish the wildfires in their mind. The service I am designed to do is guide others on their journey towards a fully self-expressed life of ease and grace.

 Utilizing two main tools sets, Human Design and The Gene Keys, along with my instinctual knowing and wisdom, I examine the mechanics of an individual's Human Design. What is revealed are their Possibilities, Potential and Purpose!


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Brandy Nunez

Brandy Nunes

Ever say yes to something and it turned out to be completely different from what you expected? This is how we felt after Robert Kittridge's "Blueprint For Success" workshop. When I say it was not what I expected, I mean it as a good thing.

Robert had encouraged my husband and I to come, as we are small business owners and are looking for ways to better ourselves and our business. We did not hesitate to sign up and are glad we did. Attending Robert's course brought a lot to the surface. We discovered emotions, beliefs and metal blocks that have been holding us back for decades. We learned how to move past those limiting false beliefs, take charge of our futures and ownership of our business. Not only did we come out of Robert's workshop with a stronger understanding of each other and our purpose, we also crafted our vision statement and refined our companies values.

Jaime FitzSimons

Robert Kittridge first brought Adhara into our organization in October 2022. Bringing an Adhara experience into our organization has truly been a game-changer for our team. Robert's approach to creating a more mindful, collaborative, and positive workspace, through Adhara, has had a profound impact on our work culture and productivity.

First and foremost, the incorporation of Adhara principles has fostered a sense of mindfulness among our entire work force. Through Adhara sessions led by Robert, and mindfulness practices integrated into our daily routine, we have seen a noticeable reduction in stress levels and an increase in overall well-being.

Our team members are more focused, caring, less prone to burnout, and better equipped to handle the challenges of a high stress work environment.

Melissa Leffingwell

Robert's clear understanding, knowledge and expertise in and around The Gene Keys and human design is a true gift.

He thoroughly knows and has embodied these systems and therefore is an excellent and confident coach.

The way in which he is able to  articulately guide me through the intricacies of knowing myself has been truly illuminating.

Allowing Robert to open me up to understanding my design, and how I can integrate that into how I live has transformed my life!

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