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I agree to these Intentions:

  • Contemplation – Model and inspire the principles of Pausing, Pivoting and Merging; resulting into the Synthesis of self.
  • Inquiry – Ask the right questions, inviting wisdom to come from within; Every Shadow contains a Gift
  • Gentleness – Encourage unwinding and un-learning, versus fixing and doing; Allow, Accept, Embrace
  • Patience – Cultivate openness, honesty and curiosity. Wisdom doesn’t come from ‘knowing.’ It appears through embodiment.

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Are you ready to unlock your Human Design and start the process of living in alignment, freeing yourself from the conditioning of the world?

If the answer is YES!

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What you'll get:

  • Your unique Human Design chart
  • Human Design Profile 
  • Resources for your Type, Strategy and Authority
  • (1) 90 Minute One-on-One session