Things Are Changing

What is Changing You Might Ask?

The frequency of my awareness. 

Embracing my shadows to reveal my skills, strengths and abilities.

Who I am, in order to bring those skills, strengths and abilities to the world.


It Just Doesn't Fit Anymore.

After some extensive dancing with concepts, ideas, thoughts and belief's.

I have found that many of those concepts, ideas and beliefs do not fit anymore.

One of those, is the thought we need to fix things.

Now, is not the time to Fix!

Now is the time to create new.

"Why fit in when you were born to stand out?" ~ Dr Seuss

We Are All Traveler's

Each one of us are on our own unique path and journey. 

For some it may be to journey alone, others are looking for companionship or guidance.

For me I assimilate information very differently. And to bring about clarity, I desire connection.

"To travel is to take a journey into yourself." ~ Danny Kaye

We Are All Connected

Just like the roots and the mycelium in nature, we too have roots and are reaching out to connect.

We need others!

Just like the pieces in a puzzle. Each of us are unique, AND when we fit them together, it creates a connection where everyone can bring their unique contribution to the world.

“We are all connected; To each other, biologically. To the earth, chemically. To the rest of the universe atomically.” ~ Neil deGrasse Tyson

What Else is Changing You Might Ask?


Pretty much everything in life and on this website.

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I'M Robert.

Most people would describe what I do as coaching. Yes it is that and so much more.

Utilizing a variety of modalities and processes, I create a safe place for others to come out to play and dance with life.

I did this for two reasons. The first, I did not get to play as I wanted to as a child. My family of origin was one of emotional, physical and verbal abuse. 

I was conditioned from a very young age that the world is not a safe place, and the only way to survive was to hold back.

Hold back...

  • My intuition
  • My wisdom
  • My skills
  • And my love

I also learned a lot about being a liar. And trust me I have lived most of my life that way...lying!

Then to discover that Dishonesty is one of my main shadows. This has taken a toll not only on my life, but the life of others.   

I am moving through the shadow into my gift.



What They Are Saying

Christian Simpson

Master Coach/Faculty Member 

Robert is a powerful change agent. When an individual demonstrates the awareness and self-discipline to invest time, money, and energy in improving themselves in order to add value and contribute to the success of others, you have found a true leader.

What's more, not only does that description fit perfectly when describing Robert Kittridge, he's demonstrated it in over 30 years of successfully helping people from all levels live into rewarding personal and professional lives.

I've had the personal privilege of teaching and mentoring Robert in the art, skill, and practice of professional coaching. The very best leaders also happen to be the very best followers, and Robert continues to show exemplary ability in this field.

Whether you find yourself working with Robert on an individual basis or you're considering his services from an organizational perspective, I can assure you that hiring him will be an intelligent decision that will bring a significant return on your investment.

Brandy Nunes

Small Business owner, Entrepreneur 

Ever say yes to something and it turned out to be something completely different?

That's how I felt after working with Robert as a participant for the "Blueprint For Success" workshop When Is ay it wasn't what I had expected, I mean it was a good thing.

Robert encouraged my husband and I to attend, as we are small business owners and were looking for ways to better ourselves and our business. We did not hesitate to sign up and glad we did. The course brought a lot to the surface for us.

We discovered emotions, beliefs, and mental blocks that had been holding us back for decades. We learned how to move past those limiting false beliefs, taking charge of our futures and ownership of our business.

Not only did we come out of the workshop with a. stronger understanding of each other and our purpose, but we also crafted our vision statement and refined our companies values.

 Cheryl Olson

Small Business owner, Entrepreneur 

I hired Robert to coach me through a difficult time I was having in moving forward with my business. I was frustrated, scared and basically paralyzed. I couldn’t see how to get to the next steps.
Robert helped me see the real issues that were keeping me stuck. The awareness of these issues gave me the freedom, courage and strength I needed to move forward. Robert has great insight and intuition that makes him an excellent coach. I tried to go it alone and just couldn’t get past the things that were stalling me because I couldn’t see what they were on my own.

I have now launched my own business and have the ability to work throughout the negative thoughts and emotions that had me stalled previously. I am making great strides in developing my business and am able to trust the process with a sense of confidence.
The work that Robert did with me is invaluable. There is no price you can put on self-awareness that produces freedom and the ability to overcome fear and doubt. Robert is the best!

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