$2,222.00 USD

Once this offer is purchased, there is no refund. Sessions will be scheduled utilizing the Focus Point scheduling system.

I agree to these Intentions:

  • Contemplation – Model and inspire the principles of Pausing, Pivoting and Merging; resulting into the Synthesis of self.
  • Inquiry – Ask the right questions, inviting wisdom to come from within; Every Shadow contains a Gift
  • Gentleness – Encourage unwinding and un-learning, versus fixing and doing; Allow, Accept, Embrace
  • Patience – Cultivate openness, honesty and curiosity. Wisdom doesn’t come from ‘knowing.’ It appears through embodiment.

The Svartha Experience

This is an experience of Self-Exploration.

What is included:

  • Your personalized unique Human Design Body Graph
  • Foundation chart showing your correct Environment & Motivation
  • Three 60 minute sessions