Complimentary FOCUS Session
Complimentary FOCUS Session
Complimentary FOCUS Session
Complimentary FOCUS Session

Finding and working with focus involves overcoming adversity

Personal Growth must start somewhere



This Is Where I Come In...I Will:

Guide You On The Discovery Of Your Purpose, Vision And Goals.

Guide You To Discover Of Your True Potential With Crystal Clarity.

Guide You On The Creation Of An Action Plan That Is Laser Focused, Moving You Into Your Vision. 


Robert's Purpose: Through my passion encouragement, and unconditional love I guide others on thier journey of awareness and consciousness.

The obtainment of this purpose has come through over 30 years in Fire and Emergency Services, where he saw people at the best of their times and at the worst of times.

This has allowed him to understand and see the best in and of people. It also allows him to work within organizations and teams to bring them to a higher level of understanding, connection and communication.

Robert is classified as a Promoter and Persuader in the DISC profile system. Robert's strengths include enthusiasm, optimism, and out of the box thinking. Robert has an ability to create organizational momentum in a positive, engaging way. Bob is driven by the Intellectual opportunity to learn and acquire knowledge, his ability to be intentional on his purpose of developing others, his receptive driver that allows for the ability to be looking for new ideas and opportunities for growth. Robert's objective driver provides the ability to see the functionality of his surroundings.

Robert holds credentials as:

  • Certified Professional Behavioral Analyst
  • TTI Success Insights 12 Driving Forces® Certified
  • Certified Professional Emotional Intelligence Analyst
  • Certified Stages of Growth Facilitator
  • Certified Complete Leader Facilitator 
  • Certified Reclaim Your Natural Brilliance Facilitator 
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Complimentary FOCUS Session