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There are three outcomes of the Stages of Growth X-Ray™ process, that I have used over the years in explaining the value of this process to CEOs.

The X-Ray starts by creating Alignment and this process is the best I’ve seen that immediately creates a language of growth so people understand and can articulate their issues and if you get everyone aligned around critical issues, it’s very easy to get Engagement because, after all, the participants in this process are coming up with those issues themselves, and they are gaining understanding and perspective on how their team mates view their issues and if you can engage people in a dialogue around the issues they care about you can start down the path toward Implementation since those participants have identified the action steps needed to address each of those challenges and commit to getting their team involved in getting the work done.


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It’s easy for a CEO to know and understand where he/she wants their company to go and how it will get there. As an owner, you live with the day-to-day challenges of running your company and addressing those challenges.

The X-Ray process starts out by immediately creating alignment around what the participants view as the company’s top five challenges. In a very short period of time, the entire team now agrees on areas of concern that need to be addressed. For the first time, everyone can articulate what those challenges are using the same language. And those challenges are prioritized.

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The Gallup studies show levels of disengagement among companies at increasing rates. The latest poll has it as high as 71%. If a CEO is running a Stage 4 company with 45 employees, that means 32 of those employees have checked out. We can’t assume leadership teams are immune to this and the X-Ray process is designed to increase engagement by helping each person find their voice, be able to articulate what they are frustrated with, and share their concerns in an environment that is safe and designed to focus on organizational issues, not point the finger at any one individual. When people are communicating real concerns, they get engaged. When people feel they are being heard, they get engaged. When people feel valued for their ideas and solutions, they get engaged.

The X-Ray process creates engagement as soon as people start talking which happens within 5 minutes of starting the process. And that conversation continues throughout the entire process allowing people’s ideas and concerns to be identified, shared, discussed and validated. At the end of the X-Ray, everyone has a voice in what the company’s top five issues are, what the purpose of those issues are, who will own and be accountable for each issue and what the outcome will be once those issues are resolved. That is the very essence of engagement.

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The X-Ray process kicks off the implementation piece by helping people get clear about what everyone felt their top issues were.

Once there is clarity about the WHAT, the company can get to work on the HOW. Now the participants from the X-Ray can engage their team, the rest of the company, on what the focus will be going forward.

All team members will be involved in tracking and measuring the progress of those top issues. It’s now not so easy to get hijacked by those ‘shiny white objects’ because there is a 30x30 inch reminder (their Stage of Growth Map) about what the company said they needed to work on over the coming months. The rubber does meet the road when it comes to getting results, but any company that has gone through the Stages of Growth X-Ray process has already increased their chances of success because there is alignment among the participants, there is engagement within the company and everyone understands the steps necessary for implementation.



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Learn More About Our Stages of Growth X-Ray

Are ready to learn about this great predictive growth process? If so then please complete the information below and I will send you a report on the Stage of Your Company.

Learn More About Our Stages of Growth X-Ray

Are ready to learn about this great predictive growth process? If so then please complete the information below and I will send you a report on the Stage of Your Company.

Stages of Growth X-Ray

Our Stages of Growth X-Ray™ program helps a CEO and his/her management team begin the process of engagement.

Kittridge Connection, Inc. has taken the concepts of the 7 Stages of Growth as outlined through James Fischer’s research (author of Navigating the Growth Curve) with over 650 successful companies to uncover why some companies were better able to navigate through the challenges of growth.

Fischer’s research found that the complexity level of entrepreneurial organization increased due to only one factor:  People! As you add people to your organization the challenges increase and the complexity can prove overwhelming for a business owner who hasn’t been down this path before.

He named this model the 7 Stages of Growth. Kittridge Connection, Inc. has created a unique and impactful workshop that helps a CEO uncover the ‘hidden agents’ that might be creating obstacles to growth. It’s through the facilitated Stages of Growth X-Ray™ program that the management team identifies issues, creates alignment around those issues and gets to resolution quicker.

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Why this Process is so Effective

The Stages of Growth X-Ray™ online assessment tools allow each participant to put a name to an issue, taking away the uncertainty of areas of concern and giving each person the opportunity to identify strengths and weaknesses from their own perspective.

Each participant evaluates over 100 potential research-proven issues specific to their stage of growth. When they come together in the facilitated workshop, their time is spent on resolving what everyone agreed are their top issues, this is all about alignment and they take that first step toward engagement by coming to consensus as a team, knowing they are now all on the same page.

Kittridge Connection's Stages of Growth X-Ray™ program produces 6 – 8 top initiatives the team has agreed upon and your certified facilitator is there to help develop the action steps, the milestones, the outcomes and the owners of those initiatives. Now you are on the path to execution. A summary report highlighting those initiatives, your own Growth Curve Map and a follow up session 30 days after your X-Ray, helps keep your team on task.

The 7 Stages of Growth provide a proven methodology that addresses business owners’ issues quickly, uncovers current obstacles a company is facing and provide prescriptive alternatives based on a company’s stage of growth.

Ask Yourself

  • What if you could create an awareness in your company of the top 5 issues you need to focus on?
  • What if you could create a language of growth that engages every single employee in you company?
  • What if you had a better understanding of why certain things happen today?
  • What if you could have a vision into the future and actually be able to predict how growth will impact you?
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The Stages of Growth X-Ray™ helps a CEO and thier management team to: GROW

Get clear on the root cause of organizational dysfunction

Realize there is an effective and proven model for growth

Obtain alignment & buy-in on critical people, process and profit issues

Weather the chaos that comes with growth

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